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A small punching bag with a suction cupStress surrounds us, and negative emotions are often a reason to raise our voice or swallow emotions. That is why we must use every moment to let off steam. The small punching bag with a suction cup placed on our desk can become the most affordable vent and a safe way to fight stressful situations!Get your ner..

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Student kit


Student set of eight parts...


Table tennis set, suitable for children and beginners. The set contains: 2 sticks, 4 ping-pong balls with a flexible shoulder. Dimensions: 14x24 cm...


Table tennis set - two sticks and 3 ping-pong balls. Dimensions: 15x23 cm...

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Wet towels


Wet towels with lid. Alcohol free, cleanse and maintain normal Ph. The package contains 72 pieces..

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