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1. listening to the song correct, support songs and call,2. remind call number, the last call back, all intelligent Chinese and English voice prompts, boot, pair, shut down the phone power will be low voice prompts;3. Power capacity will show on your Iphone, you can see the power situation anytime, do not worry about the electricity ,make your life..

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Rocket Copters


Rocket Copters are the radical, super bright, light up the night helicopters. You launch the helicopters into the air using the slingshot. The helicopters travel up to 150 feet and the high intensity led lights can be seen up to 1/2 mile away. The Rocket Copters feature a high impact, shock proof frame with super durable, light weight wings...


Car seat belts are designed for children, after wearing a seat belt , safetyoften through the neck, emergency braking or an accident case becomesvery dangerous , easily injury or cuts. Shoulders section beltsinstalled in the safety belt when the emergency brake to protectchildren ride the neck to a certain extent; under normal circumstances,childre..


Selfie stick universalCompatible with Android and iOSWith cableAssembled size: 17.5 cmSize in unfolded state: 84.5 cmWeight: 85gRed colour..

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