With each order for warranted goods, issues a proper electronic warranty card (if disclosed in the product description) with the product data and warranty terms.
The consumer is obliged to keep the courier company bill number and the postal money order document in order to be subject to the guarantee and to provide it, if requested by When submitting a guarantee product, the User is required to send the Postage Money Order Document!

The guarantee loses its validity under the following conditions:
- in case of a lost warranty card;

- when attempting repair from a service that is not authorized by

- in case of damage caused by improper operation;

- in case of violation of the physical integrity of the article;

- chemical, electrical or other effects unrelated to the normal operation of the product;

The warranty does not cover product components with a limited shelf life (batteries, supplies, etc.). Warranty service is provided by an authorized service center, subject to the complete documentation and equipment of the product.