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Set for gluing car tires - glue, needle, awl and three wicks. Dimensions: 13x9 cm...

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Easy to Operate: Simply connect your speaker/headset with our device, immediately transform your speaker/headset into a fashionable wireless Bluetooth speaker/headset.Wireless Play: Removing troubles of wired connection, through the wireless connection and transmission, the user can enjoy music at any place indoor by wireless control.Portable Desig..


portable USB endoscope, which connects to a smartphone or personal computer, from where it is powered and provides the ability to capture high quality images and video. The device can be used on any smartphone with the Android operating system by installing an application. The camera is extremely useful for capturing hard-to-reach places and object..

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Car charger 3A


Want to charge your smartphone in your car?Only now with this mini car charger will you be able to charge up to two phones at a time!..


Say goodbye to the days when you're wondering where to put your sunglasses on while you're driving. Is it in a backpack or a glove box? But then you will have to search for them among other things when you need them again. A sunshade clip is a must for every car in this case.With a stylish clip, they will always be at your fingertips. It will comfo..


Car Phone Holder Magnetic Air Vent Mount Stand 360 Rotating..


Charger - adapter for phone in the car. The adapter has two outputs: 2.1A and 1.0A. Dimensions - 6x3 cm. Different colors...


EcoOBD2 is an easy-to-install device that reduces fuel consumption and harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Just plug it into the car's OBD2 connector (this is the car's diagnostic socket). EcoOBD2 is suitable for all cars manufactured after 1996. It works based on OBD2 protocols by overwriting the car's computer ECU card. After driving about 200..


Christmas car decoration set - deer antlers and red nose. Dimensions of the horns: 42x13 cm..


Professional DIY car windshield kit- to repair cracks in the windows.Top promotional price!Repair cracksCar glass repair toolFeatures:Easy to use and operate, convenient for transportation and storage.This will save you a lot of money and time when buying new glass.It is also combined with UV curing or sunlight for better results.A practical set of..


Device for straightening a dent ideal if your car needs a minor repair - a dent in the door, hood or fender, here is the ideal device for this, as it is suitable for everyone, even for people who have not dealt with such repairs.If your car has small dents, you can straighten it in just a few minutes without paying a hefty amount for service. The d..


FM Transmitter Bluetooth Car Radio Adapter..

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Kerpeden pliers - 6 '' with ergonomic handles. Length: 15 cm...




Metal layout of the car Metal stroller manufactured by the American company Bburago.Today it is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality metal strollers for playing or collecting, copies of the most popular car models.The scaled-down copies of metal cars recreate in detail the design of the originals and impress with the quality and pr..

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