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64GB USB flash drive with stylish and elegant wooden case.Dimensions: 6.5x2.2 cm...

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Anti-slip tape


Anti-slip self-adhesive tape with abrasive coating. Designed for damp and slippery floors and stairs. Suitable places for use: stairs, loading ramps, loading machines, entrances, pedestrian paths, docks, agricultural machines, platforms, yachts, ships and others. The tape is placed on well-cleaned surfaces without allowing air gaps. After placing, ..


Anti-stress figure Pop IT in a square shape - an arc. Different colors are available...


Manual detector for checking banknotes with a flashlight...




Drone with 6 channels,6-axis gyroscopic system,  autopilot function“, LED lights,frequency 2.4 G,  function for maintaining altitude and 360º rotation.  Charging: ~ 40 minutes,  Flight duration: 5-7 minutes.Weight: 37-53 gWorks with 1 type of battery 3.7V - 500mAh for drone (included) and  3 AAA batteries for the controller..


Rocket mosquito repellent Say "STOP" to the annoying insects that disrupt your home's comfort, especially in the summer. An interesting design with a tennis racket design that works on the basis of low-power, high-voltage electric charges strong enough to eliminate annoying insects.Mosquito repellant is used not only in the home, but also in clinic..

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2 gel fragrances for a room, remove unpleasant odors, bring freshness. Different flavors are available. Diameter: 7 cm...


15 black garbage bags on a roll. Dimensions: 70x90 cm, capacity: 80 l..

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Glass is not angry man "for getting drunk." Size of the board 30x30 cm. Size of the cup 3 cm...


Лепило за мухи - спирала. Предлага се в опаковка от 4 броя. Размер на спиралата: 4.5х2 см...

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HDMI cable


HDMI cable for audio and video signal transmission (male-male). The cable can be used for laptops, computers, game consoles by transferring video and audio signals from them to TVs, monitors and projectors. The cable is covered with a rubber mesh for increased durability. Length: 1.5 m...

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Household knife


Household knife with ergonomic handle made of PVC material. The knife comes with a case. Length: 26 cm...


Keychain with alarm for finding keysTired of losing your keys? Or wasting a lot of time trying to find them all over the house when you're in a hurry and late for work or an appointment?It is time to put an end to this. Introducing the new newly invented and extremely practical keychain with a find alarm. Sounds crazy, but at the same time very coo..

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LED Fairy Light


characteristicsSuitable for inside and outside50 energy-saving and long-lasting LEDs with a distance of 15 cm between the lines6-hour timer with automatic repeat in daily rhythmOn batteriesSpray resistant (IP44)Including long-life alkaline batteries and instructionsThe LEDs cannot be replacedTechnical detailsLifespan: 20,000 hoursBattery set burnin..

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