Delivery Information

The team of supplies the products you have ordered together with the courier company "Econt Express" Ltd. for the whole country!

Shipments are accepted for sending to Econt Express office as well as shipments to an address with the following indicative tariffs:

For shipments to Econt's office for the whole country - about BGN 5.50.

For shipments to an address - from 7 BGN to 10 BGN (depending on the addressed place of delivery)

* Note: Shipments addressed to villages with your personal delivery address are charged according to the Econt Express tariffs,

which can be checked at the following address:

* Note: The exact shipping cost will be calculated when you complete all the shipping information before completing your order! The price is calculated according to the tariffs of the courier company Econt Express.

Once we receive a confirmed order from you, it will be processed by our employee within 24 hours of receiving your delivery details (Two names, contact telephone number and econt city office)!

The payment is made at the office of Econt Express or an authorized representative of the courier company (for shipments to the address).

Upon receipt of your order, an Econt Express employee issues an on-the-spot PPP (Post Money Order) document, which you need to request in case it is not issued to you on the spot upon receipt of the shipment!

For problems related to the delivery of the product you have ordered, you can contact our assistant by phone: 0893 66 43 71 during office hours.

Thank you for choosing!